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Q. Which wash is used for newer paint?

A. Freedom One

Q. Which product is used for older paint with scratches?

A. Original Formula has double the wax and a light abrasive that works well to not only wash but wax the car bringing back the shine that has been lost from age and wear.

Q. Can the washes clean the windows?

A. Yes both washes work great on the windows.

Q. What is complete clean?

A. Complete clean is used as an all purpose cleaner for the exterior and interior as well as carpets. The concentrated version of the cleaner can be used as high performance carpet / stain remover. Complete clean can remove hard to get off grime wax and tar it also works well as engine and undercarriage cleaner.

Q. Can the washes be used on all surfaces?

A. Yes the washes work well on all hard surfaces interior and exterior

Q. How do you clean the interior of the car?

A. You can use both washes as well as the leather cleaner and complete clean for hard to get off marks and grime. Complete clean concentrate works great on hard to get out stains on cloth and carpet

Q. Will the Mobile service Team dirt & fill my Car Park with Water or Dirt?

A. No we wash/ Detail your Car with our high quality ISO certified Waterless products without a single Drop of water on the floor.

Q. Can I open my car windows right after WALESS Wash?

A. Yes because we use the most advanced technique in washing cars with our high quality ISO certified products by Freedom Waterless Carwash. USA

Q. Will Waless Products Scratch or damage my car paint because its Waterless?

A. No, WALESS uses the most advanced technique in washing cars with our high quality ISO certified products by Freedom Waterless Carwash, and we only use premium Microfibers on your car paint which wont make any scratches on your car. As for your paint, All WALESS products protect your car paint!

Q. What Producs WALESS use to wash, Polish & Protect Cars with?

A. We Use Freedom Waterless Carwash Products which are the waterless leader in this industry

Q. Do you Have Subscriptions and frequent customer programs?

A. Yes, we do have Loyalty Card, and we do have subscriptions for our frequent customers. Simply Call 90010110 if you want to join our Waless Club and Enjoy our best offers

Q. Are WALESS Staff Expert?

A. Yes we only Use the most experts Detailers & all our Staff are from the Philippines. And are well trained on all Car Brands
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