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WALESS Car Detailing & Protection Est. established in Kuwait on October 2010 and Launched its Eco Friendly car services on February. We are the exclusive Dealers/ Distributors of Freedom Waterless Carwash in Kuwait, offering high-quality products in Car Cleaning Services.

We love the concept of cleaning your car without using water, so we offer the best products which can give the best result to our clients. Quality is our prime concern and highest priority.

High Quality + Great Service = Satisfied Customers.
Our products clean, polish & protect without using water. It may sound crazy but it's true. Waless products do more than just clean and shine your vehicle, they enhance the colours of the paint brilliantly, protect them and keep your car longer Shining & clean!

We Provides our services with our high quality products virtually anywhere, anytime even if the paint surface is excessively soiled, muddy, or caked with sand.
Mobile Home Service:
Simply Call 90010110 for your next Eco Friendly Car Shine/ Detail right at your door steps with our Expert Mobile Home service Team!
All Waless products are biodegradable, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, non-toxic, V.O.C. compliant, silicone-free and are100% environmentally safe.
  Our goal from the beginning:

At Waless company, we are committed to providing car owners everywhere with a superior line of Car Care Services that do not harm the planet or the user.

We strive to conserve water, eliminate contaminated runoff, and save your time. Through our staff, we aim to show consumers that it is possible to enjoy a clean car without using petro-based chemicals and to save enormous amounts of water at the same time.

We're committed to clean cars without contaminating the environment.

We Polish & Protect your car Without Water, Virtually Anywhere/ Anytime, Wet or Dry, in the Sun or in the Shade. Our Water-Based Freedom Waterless Car Wash Products are a Safe, Biodegradable Alternative to using Soap and Water. Don't settle for cheap imitations. Go with the Industry Leader!

Shuwaikh, Block 3B, Police Station St.
behind Hempel Paint Factory at
Guyvars Garage – KUWAIT

Tel: +965 90010110
Fax +965 25633607
P.O. Box 9075 Salmiya – 22091 Kuwait
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